Woodcock Preserve

The Woodcock Preserve features 20 acres of mature forest with one of the largest vernal pools in the area.

A well-marked trail leads to an overlook on the vernal pool, and beyond to a large grove of fallen beech trees.  Visitors in the spring will find the pool full of frogs, salamanders and similar species, and the call of Spring Peepers will fill the woods!   The trail can be uneven and muddy in places, so wear suitable footwear for your visit.  Parking and an informational kiosk are available.

The Woodcock Preserve adjoins the Buzzards Bay Coalition Tinkhamtown Woodlands property, which in turn allows access to over 500 acres of conserved land in the Mattapoisett River Valley.  Click on the link below for more information.

Joan M. Woodcock donated this property in 1974, the very first gift of land received by the newly-formed Mattapoisett Land Trust. We honor Mrs. Woodcock for this generous gift.




Joan M. Woodcock, 1974


Near 32 Long Plain Road.  Off-street parking is available in the area marked with a Buzzards Bay Coalition/Mattapoisett Land Trust sign.  Pedestrian access to the Woodcock Preserve is gained by walking west from the parking area on the BBC trail and bearing right at the fork.  The trails are well marked, and the MLT kiosk is found a short distance down the path just beyond the property boundary, an old stone wall.

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