Dunseith Gardens

This 3 acre park includes open lawns, specimen trees, benches, covered picnic tables, a gazebo and Salty the Seahorse, a landmark to generations of Mattapoisett visitors. There also is a short trail to a small stream in the northeast corner of the property. Off-street parking is available on the property and is accessed from Route 6. Both MLT and Mattapoisett Boy Scout Troop 53 maintain small storage sheds on the property.

Dunseith Gardens also includes a small parcel at the southeast corner of Route 6 and North Street, across the street from Salty. The Community Bulletin Board here is managed by the Mattapoisett Lions Club. Banners also may be displayed next to the Community Bulletin Board, with the prior permission of MLT.

Dunseith Gardens was willed to MLT in 1988 by the estate of Henry Dunseith. The property was the site of Mr. Dunseith’s home, adjacent gift shop, and the landmark icon now known as Salty the Seahorse. The home and gift shop were razed because the buildings had deteriorated to such a degree that rehabilitation was impossible. We honor Henry Dunseith for this generous gift to MLT.

When Salty the Seahorse was restored and dedicated in the year 2000, then Selectman Barry Denham noted that “Henry loved this piece of property. He wanted it to stay as it was.” Selectman Denham said that Mr. Dunseith could not envision the site housing a fast food restaurant, gas station or other business, even though the location at the busiest intersection in Mattapoisett is superb. MLT’s ownership will allow Dunseith Gardens to remain undeveloped in perpetuity.




Estate of Henry B. Dunseith, 1988


Northeast corner of the intersection of North Street and Route 6. A paved parking lot on the property is accessed from Route 6.

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