Meet Our Officers & Directors

Our bylaws require that our Board of Directors have between ten and twenty members elected at the Annual Meeting to serve one-year terms. Our current Board consists of the following (year they joined the Board in parentheses):

Each of these individuals would welcome your comments as to how we can make the Mattapoisett Land Trust more responsive to the concerns of the town.


President: Michael Huguenin (2013)
Vice President: Peter Davies (2016)
Clerk: Marc Anderson (2015)
Treasurer: Gary P. Johnson (2000)
Assistant Treasurer: Sandra Hering (2008)


Karen Borges (2021)
Mary Cabral (2018)
Wendy Copps (2019)
Don Cuddy (2007)
Arthur Damaskos (2016)
Ellen P. Flynn (2008)
Jerry Johnson (2020)
Jen Kaiser (2022)
Kristen McCormack (2022)
Paul E. Osenkowski (2000)
Charles Radville (2008)

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