Pine Island Pond District

The Pine Island Pond District includes three MLT preserves for a total of 49.63 acres.

  • Pine Island Pond Preserve: 6.4 acres from Ruth Martocci in 1993, 39.21 acres from the Hiller family via Angelica Associates in 2019, 2.23 acres from the Hiller Farran family in 2019
  • Belenger Preserve, 0.99 acres, donated by Robert Belenger in 1994
  • Eustis Preserve, 0.8 acres, donated by Ralph and Merilyn Eustis in 1980

The Belenger and Eustis Preserves do not have any maintained trails or public access points. The Pine Island Pond Preserve features a short trail south of Angelica Ave. that leads to the Hiller-Farran memorial bench overlooking the salt marsh towards Pine Island Pond.





We honor Robert Belenger, Ralph and Merilyn Eustis, the Hiller and Hiller Farran families, and Ruth Martocci for their generous gifts of land that made the Old Aucoot District possible.


There is trail access south of Angelica Ave leading to a memorial bench and overlook of the saltmarsh and Pine Island Pond.

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