Old Aucoot District

The Old Aucoot District includes twelve MLT preserves for a total of 397 acres. This property features four miles of hiking trails running through woods and freshwater wetlands, with crossings at several brooks.

Old Aucoot District also includes two vernal pools, an ten-acre area near Grace Pond being restored to open meadow/grassland habitat, and an old blueberry orchard being restored for eventual community use.  Some trails can be uneven and muddy in places, so wear suitable footwear for your visit.  Parking and informational kiosks are available.

The twelve preserves included in Old Aucoot District are:

  • Water Tower Park, 7.83 acres, purchased from Robert Emerson in 1996;
  • Sullivan Preserve, 6.26 acres, donated by Maryellen Sullivan Shachoy in 2008;
  • Old Jenney Farm, 22.21 acres, donated by Ruth Jenney Souza in 2000;
  • Brownell Preserve, 49.32 acres, purchased from Linda Brownell in 2011;
  • Martocci Preserve, 95.91 acres, donated by Ruth Hiller Martocci in 1993;
  • Aucoot/Bowman Preserve, 59.56 acres, purchased from Charles Boardman in 2004;
  • Coyne Forest, 16.77 acres, donated by Elise and Howard Coyne in 1994;
  • Flaherty Preserve, 1.45 acres, donated by Carol Ann Flaherty in 2000;
  • Grace Preserve, 9.28 acres, purchased from Libania and Abel Grace in 2006;
  • Dunn Preserve, 39.80 acres, purchased from Edna and Charles Dunn in 2009;
  • Hiller Preserve, 53.55 acres, purchased from William and Jane Hiller Farran in 2019; and
  • Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Preserve, 34.94 acres, purchased from members of the Hiller family in 2019.





We honor Maryellen Sullivan Shachoy, Ruth Jenney Souza, Ruth Hiller Martocci, and Elise and Howard Coyne for their generous gifts of land that made the Old Aucoot District possible.


There are six access points: (1) off street parking and a kiosk on the east side of Prospect Road, near the intersection of Rock Street; (2) off street parking and a kiosk at the southern end of Bowman Road; (3) a kiosk at the trail head on Hollywoods Road with parking nearby on the west side of Hollywoods Road, (4) pedestrian access (no cars or parking) from Angelica Avenue walking up Old Slough Road,  (5) a trailhead leading to a kiosk at the north end of Beach Street (no parking here), and (6) a kiosk and trail off Angelica Avenue at the Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. barn site, with a future parking area planned for this location. 

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