Munn Preserve

The Munn Preserve offers an easy walk on an old country road through the woods to the eastern shore of Brandt Island Cove. An early oxcart path leaves the road midway and heads south through woods to the salt marsh. Parking and an informational kiosk are available. This is one of MLT’s most visited properties.

The shoreline at Munn Preserve features “Whale Rock”, a large granite outcrop that resembles a whale surfacing from the deep. Fishing and shellfishing are possible from the shoreline (with proper licenses), and this is a beautiful place to enjoy the sunset!

When visiting the Munn Preserve, please respect the privacy of our neighbors to the south at the shoreline. These small lots are privately owned and used for camping by several families whose ownership and stewardship of the land has continued for many years.

The Munn family had owned this land, along with much of the present Antassawamock beach community, since the late 1800’s. We honor the Munn family for this generous gift.




Paul S. Munn, 2001


Southern end of Mattapoisett Neck Road. Parking is available in the large cul-de-sac, before entering Antassawamock through the stone pillars. Pedestrian access to the Munn Preserve is gained by walking around the vehicle gate; the MLT kiosk is found a short distance down the road.

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