Brandt Island Cove District

The Brandt Island Cove District includes three MLT preserves for a total of 140 acres. This property features an out-and-back trail through the woods leading to salt marshes and the shores of Brandt Island Cove.

The cove and adjoining salt marshes are wonderful places to see birds including ospreys, bald eagles, and ducks during the winter. There is a raised bird observation platform located part way south on the trail. The trail can be uneven and muddy in places, so wear suitable footwear for your visit. Parking and informational kiosks are available.

The three preserves included in Brandt Island Cove District are:

  • the Ferreira Preserve, 6.83 acres, donated by Thomas and Barbara Ferreira in 1990, 1994 and 1995;
  • the Walega-Livingstone Preserve, 107.9 acres, purchased from the Walega and Livingstone families in 2007; and
  • the Osprey Preserve, 24.91 acres, purchased from Jeanne Downey in 2014.

We honor Mr. and Mrs. Ferreira for their generous gift of land that enabled MLT’s first holdings in the Brandt Island Cove District.




Mr. and Mrs. Ferreira


There are two access points: (1) at the end of Whalers Way, park on the east side of the road, or (2) at the corner of Anchorage Way and Tara Road, park in the short extension of Anchorage Way running east from the intersection.  Kiosks are located a short distance down the trail and within sight from each parking area.

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