Betsey’s Meadow

Betsey’s Meadow is located at approximately 16 Prospect Road in Mattapoisett. It is a beautiful 2 acre meadow with wildflowers, a mowed pathway, and a memorial bench. Betsey’s Meadow was gifted to the Mattapoisett Land Trust by Florence Martocci in 2020, in honor of her great-great grandmother, Betsey Briggs Hiller. Many generations of the Hiller family have called Mattapoisett home and helped to shape the community into what it looks like today. One of Betsey’s sons was Lilburne Hiller, developer of Crescent Beach.

The meadow was used as a pasture for livestock and for growing fruit trees as the land and nearby home were passed through the Hiller family for generations.


Access to Betsey’s Meadow is from Prospect Road. We recommend walking or biking to the entrance of the meadow.




Florence Martocci, 2020


Approximately 16 Prospect Rd., Mattapoisett.

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