The Alves-Bucciarelli Preserve consists of two parcels of land, totaling 4.63 acres, acquired in 2022 in an effort to protect and enjoy the Mattapoisett Riverfront.

The Alves parcel is 4.31 acres of land donated by Lynette Alves. The Bucciarelli parcel is 0.32 acres of land donated by members of the Bucciarelli family.

MLT believes that this tract of land was once utilized as a port for transporting slabs of pink granite quarried from the Hammond Quarry out to the Mattapoisett River and floated around to the Mattapoisett Harbor. The riverfront now offers beautiful views for bird watching and walking.

Access to the preserve is from either of two trailheads: (1) From Route 6 just West of the Mattapoisett River and East of Mattapoisett Neck Road there is a trailhead and (2) from Mattapoisett Neck Road, on the residential side of the road, there is a trailhead and MLT kiosk just 0.1 miles south from Route 6.

We recommend walking or biking to the access points of this preserve.




Lynette Alves, 2022; the Bucciarelli family, 2022


Located on the Western bank of the tidal portion of the Mattapoisett River, just south of Route 6. Access from Route 6 or from Mattapoisett Neck Road.

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