Carry us with you!

Have some fun with this interactive map of Mattapoisett which highlights our various properties.

In Google Earth mode, use the controls in the top left hand corner of the map and virtually fly over Mattapoisett and get a birds eye view of our beautiful town. After you become familiar with the land trust locations, try to find the cool 3D renderings of our town hall, library, Old Hammondtown School, ORR, Village Seaport and Mayhew Cleaners and even the Ice Cream Slip down at Shipyard Park. If you’ve never flown over Mattapoisett, this is your chance without leaving the comfort of your home! Get lost? Simply refresh the page.

Please note that this map is a rough approximation of the location and sizes of Mattapoisett Land Trust Properties. For exact locations and acreage questions, please contact us directly. This map is for education and enjoyment purposes only and should not be used for survey or legal work.