While we appreciate you visiting our website to learn more about what the Mattapoisett Land Trust does, we really hope that you will get outside and enjoy our special properties around town. After your visit, please make sure you come back here and tell us all about your experiences. Also, don’t forget to join our Flickr group and share your pictures and short videos with us. Finally, please don’t forget to do a Google Earth flyover of Mattapoisett and do a virtual visit at all of our properties on our Map page.

Dexter and Tub Mill

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, a water-powered sawmill was located at Dexter Mill. It manufactured staves for tubs and barrels. The mill building burned down during a thunderstorm in 1911. Today,…

Dunseith Gardens

Home of the seahorse “Salty”, a Mattapoisett landmark to generations of South Coast visitors, here you’ll find children’s playground, picnic tables, a gazebo, flower gardens, and a nature…

Munro Waterfront

So the sound of hammers of the ships carpenters was heard along this harbor for the first time – a resonance that rang over the fields and woods for more than a century. A sound so penetrating that…

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